Facebook Live with Leonie Liu from Oxford Brookes University

Oxford Brookes University Facebook Live Counselling Session for Bangladeshi Students

On 11th November, our colleague Joana met Leonie Liu during a Facebook Live Counselling session for Bangladeshi students. Leonie is working as a Global Recruitment Officer at Oxford Brookes University. They discussed a range of topics; including studying at the university, admission requirements for Oxford Brookes University, favourite undergraduate and postgraduate subjects among the Bangladeshi students, English requirements, etc.

Do you want to study in one of the top universities around the world? Oxford Brookes University will be one of the best choices to fulfil your dream. You will get an opportunity to study in a famous city, and practical education will help you to achieve working experience in the industry.

Why should Bangladeshi students choose Oxford Brookes University?

The main reason for choosing Oxford Brookes University is that it is a modern university providing all the necessary facilities needed for a good study experience. The second reason for choosing the university is that it is one of the top 50 countries around the world, which is under 50 years old. This is a fully professional based and career-focused University. Oxford Brookes University provides you with both theoretical and practical knowledge for developing professional and technical skills. This is another important reason for choosing Brookes University.

English language requirements for Bangladeshi students

An important question that comes to your mind is the requirements for Bangladeshi students. You must know the English language properly as you will be asked about your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. For applying in Oxford Brookes, you must cover 2 OS and must have 6.0 IELTS with six ingredients writing, reading, and 5.5 IELTS in listening and speaking for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Social Science and Business-related courses require this type of scale. Some courses like English Language Literature, Architecture, Healthcare may require a higher IELTS score. You need to submit required documents containing your personal information, the reason of study in the UK, your interest, your experience in the subject, your identity, your passport, you will need two reference letters from your previous school for recommendation and one personal statement as well.

Popular Oxford Brookes University Courses

Another frequently asked question is the courses offering for undergraduate and postgraduate students for Bangladeshi students. Oxford Brookes University has four large campuses – Harcourt Hill campus, Headington campus, Wheatley campus and Swindon campus. This University offers Business related courses, accounting, finance, business management marketing, hospitality management and architecture. You can also do Engineering-related courses like – computer engineering, mechanical engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, software engineering, automotive engineering and so on.

Besides the students get an opportunity to study in Social Science faculty containing subjects like – Psychology, International Relation, Angiography, Anthropology and House Life Care faculty do house care-related programs such as- sports and exercise science, nutrition, nursing, biological or biochemical science. Students spend a lot of time in auto labs, working on cars, computers, learn computer programming for engineering, study on different subjects, dynamics and materials to achieve proper knowledge on the subject and the project.

Oxford Brookes University Tuition Fees for Bangladeshi Students

Many people doubt the fees required for the admission and in different semesters. The range of most of our undergraduate courses is between £14000 to £16000 per year. For the postgraduate course, the cost may be between £16000 to £17000. Oxford Brooks offers you an international scholarship of £2000 every year. There is also a 10% or 15% discount for alumni families. If EU students come to study at Oxford Brookes University, they will get a scholarship of £4000.

If you don’t have any certificate in English, you should not be worried. The university will give an English assessment after attending their 1hour internal English test. There are 11 or 12 residents inside or outside the campus to provide accommodation for international students. You need to pay £3000 before the cast is being proceeded. You will not get any discount if you pay full payment of the semester on the registration day.


Do you want to acquire professional and technical skills along with theoretical knowledge at the best learning environment? Then grab the golden opportunity of studying in one of the best universities around the world from Bangladesh. This university offers you many courses on various subjects and has a huge number of labs for doing various experiments and suitable learning environment. There is an option of applying second time at this university. So don’t wait and don’t miss the chance of building your career beautifully at Oxford Brookes University.

For more information about Oxford Brookes University, its admission process from Bangladesh, tuition fees and scholarships, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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