Study in Finland

Study in Finland from Bangladesh

When study abroad is a goal of any international student, Finland is one of the desirable places to them. In Finland, there are more than thousands of students from Bangladesh are studying in Bachelor, Masters, even PhD or other courses. Finland’s higher education system is widely respected as one of the world’s best.

Top 5 reasons to study in Finland

  • Live in the most peaceful and sustainable country in the world (Fragile States Index 2016)
  • Study in the best higher education and training system in the world (World Economic Forum 2015)
  • Live in the healthiest ecosystem in the world (Environmental Performance Index 2016)
  • Breathe the third cleanest air in the world (World Health Organisation 2016)
  • Improve your skills in the most innovative country in the world (World Economic Forum 2015)

Top universities in Finland

  • Arcada University of Applied Sciences
  • Helsinki School of Business
  • Häme University of Applied Sciences
  • Kajaani University of Applied Sciences
  • Satakunta University of Applied Sciences
  • Lappeenranta University of Technology

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Student life in Finland for Bangladeshi students

The study in Finland: Finland is one of the most beautiful counties in EU nation. Bangladeshi students in Finland enjoy their life more they expected. The universities, Education system, security and communication we have very well feedback from most of the students studied and studying in Finland from Bangladesh. The country has enormous numbers of industries their own and the government of Finland keeps the opportunity for international students to apply their knowledge in Finland job market.

Why study in Finland?

Finland is the neighbouring country of Sweden, Norway and Russia. Though the country is in the European Union, like other worlds strong economic countries Finland has only 8.7% unemployment rate. Finland’s GDP per capita is higher than in Austria and Netherland. Besides the country’s economic position, there are the eight University of Finland appears in QS world university ranking.

Students from Bangladesh can study in English; every university has an English teaching program for international student. Most importantly, Finland is the land of free Education. However, from 2017 started paid course as well. University education partly State-funded. Except some of the master’s curses (for international students), it’s free to study in universities in Finland.

How to apply to a Finish university from Bangladesh?

Universities in Finland don’t have any specific calendar of admission of Master’s Programs. International students should follow the following steps to study in Finland universities:

  • Select the right program and the university.
  • Check with the entry requirement for Non-EU Students.
  • Find the living and tuition fees (If there any tuition fees for the course students select).
  • Apply before the semester start, as in Finland the enrollment time depends on the university to university.
  • Apply for the resident permit from your home country.
  • Confirm the accommodation.

If a student gets admission in the any University of Finland, there is a shallow risk to get visa/resident permit rejection. There are so many reasons to go to Finland for higher study from Bangladesh. If a Bangladeshi student receives a scholarship on his/her course from Finland University, it will take much less cost rather than study in a private university in Bangladesh.