Sample Statement of Purpose – MBA

Sample Statment of Purpose (SoP) for MBA in the UK

I am going to apply for the MBA course under the University of the West of Scotland. After finishing the degree, it will help me to enhance my knowledge about business management. This application will provide supportive documents about my previous qualification and eligibility to study in the MBA program. I am a student from an extreme business background and I would like to add more by achieving an MBA degree from the University of the West of Scotland.

The first choice of my research institution is the University of the West of Scotland. I have compared among many universities and find out that, it will be the best place for me to study MBA. I chose this organization because of its good reputation in the academic industry and excellent relationships with business partners.

The business partnership permits its students to analysis reality eventualities and to use theories to resolve these things. I feel it’s important to achieve an MBA degree from a university that is accepted inside the sector for his progressive and commonplace of teaching and development of scholar and of course, the University of the West of Scotland will be a great example of this.

To gain something in life, I even have to stay lightened on what’s vital to attaining objectives and thus it is vital to grasp, what actually I need and why this can facilitate reach wherever I would like to be. It’s a reflective method, which is not a straightforward one, however, it can determine why and what I want to study.

When I was at secondary school level my interest was about history and arts. After leaving school my interest went to business management. In Higher secondary, my main subject was business studies, English literature, and history. I got my Bachelor in Pharmacy at the East West University from Bangladesh.

In my holiday time, I always like to gain voluntary work experience. This will assist me to develop my working experience in a vital environment. During the working session, we need to work as a team, which is a significant role in day-to-day communication skills. During the working time, it is really for me to apply the theory into practice in the real deal.

Managing people requires an understanding of the organization’s vision and the individual’s role within this, and it is the application of this vision that is important. One of the main Management skills required is empathy, an understanding of the employee’s role, and their issues within the work context as well as their personal circumstances.

After completing the MBA course, I will be able to progress on Doctor of Business Administration in London, in addition, I will have the option to do Ph.D.

This Degree will give me a chance to gain more knowledge about management theory and practice in the real world. I have a strong belief that the more I know about management role and managing people, I can add it to my role. My main target is to be a good motivator as well as a perfect HRM manager. It will be a great opportunity for me to fulfil my dream if you consider my application to study at the University of the West of Scotland.

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